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The Gemini

The Gemini

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Embrace the celestial allure of "The Gemini," a silver ring adorned with two lustrous pearls. This exquisite piece captures the essence of twin stars dancing in the night sky.

Each pearl, like a radiant gem in its own right, reflects the elegance of the Gemini constellation. The pearls' shimmering surfaces, reminiscent of the night's enchanting twinkle, create a harmonious interplay of light.

Material: S925 Silver/Natural Pearls;

Color: Platinum, Gold;

Size: Adjustable ring size, approximately 5-7 (adjustable), Ring band width approximately 4mm; Pearls approximately 6mm and 7.5mm in diameter.

*Data is manually measured and crafted, so there may be slight variations. For precise details, refer to the actual product.

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