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Arch Embrace

Arch Embrace

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The "Arch Embrace" necklace and earrings are masterfully crafted. The jadeite gemstones, set in sterling silver, gleam brilliantly, accentuating their unique beauty. The design draws inspiration from the curves found in nature, creating a perfect fusion of contemporary style and timeless charm.

Material: Natural Pearls, S925 Silver, Quartzite Jade;

Color: Gold, Green, White;

Earrings: Height 32mm, Width 25mm, Quartzite Jade 6mm, Pearls 6.5mm-7mm;

Necklace Length: 50cm (Pendant height approximately 31mm, including clasp); Extension Chain: 5cm; Thickness: Approximately 1.5mm;

Shape: Adjustable length in the form of cattle horns;

Weight: Earrings 8.7g, Necklace 12g (including pendant 5.6g) per piece.

*Data is manually measured and crafted, so there may be errors. Please refer to the actual product for accuracy.

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